Market Wise Q&A column: Should Sellers Wait for the Sale to Fall Apart?

Pat Kapowich for the San Jose Mercury News

Q: We recently entered into a contract to sell our personal residence with a five week close of escrow. Unfortunately, my husband is convinced this whole process of home selling went usually well and therefore something is going to go wrong. I’ve pointed out why he should start packing to no avail. My husband wants to wait until the buyer has removed all contingencies before making any moving plans. Am I correct the chances of a “good” sale falling apart are remote?

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A: Welcome to residential real estate–the one place where a couple can agree-to-disagree and both be “right.” The astute listing agent with an average social IQ would not choose sides, but rather, set expectation. He or she would point out sellers who do everything in their power to clear a clean pathway to a smooth sale can have their transaction side-swiped. Conversely, escrows with small deposits and/or down payments using government type financing can surprise all parties with a pitch-perfect sale and close. In either case, sellers need to purge, pack and plan with earnest.

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  1. Rosie Meddaugh says:

    Dear Pat,

    Thank you, Thank you for your insightful piece in the paper. I’ve long believed and felt the practice of representing both buyer and seller in a transaction is not only unethical but should not be allowed. On top of that the practice of keeping a listing “in-house”, one that never sees the light of day on the MLS is extremely unethical. How can any seller think that practice will get them highest price possible.

    How can any agent honestly say that they do not favor one client (seller) over the other (buyer). We are human and get very involved in our client’s lives-we are not robots. Realtors are still compared to car salesmen and there may be a reason why that may be the case. Our “profession” must become more “professional” and I would love to see the day when “double ending” a transaction is no longer allowed; not just an discussion around “ethics”.

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