Kapowich pleased to be included in Lani Anglin’s “Carnival of Real Estate” #64


Thanks Lani!

Who is the owner of the best tagline in real estate?

Lani Anglin, of RE Revealed!

RE Revealed
………it’s never black & white

Benjamin Bach of The Wealth Building Guy writes Bach On Business Networking

Brian Brady of Mortgage Rates Report writes Determining a Support Level in Southern California Real Estate

Brian Miller of Real Estate Entropy writes Welcome Back, me…

Cindy Jones of VA Real Estate Talk writes Is Your Home a Certified Pre-Owned Home?

Cliff Jacobson of WebHomeUSA writes The Future of the Ad Model For Online Real Estate

Craig Schiller of Home Staging, Rants & Ravings writes Get Your Thoughts OUT of the GUTTER!

Daniel Rothamel of Agent Genius WINS WITH How Your Business Can Benefit From Social Media Right Now

Danilo Bogdanovic of real/diaBlog writes 5 Reasons Why Brokers Should Require Agents to Write Blogs

Dee Copeland of Texas Real Estate writes Think Your Offer Won’t Be Rejected? We Do It Nicely Here In Texas

Denny Oh of SanDiegOh writes Home… What’s in a Name?

Diane Tuman of Zillow Blog writes Inhabit, But You Must Give Up Your Clothes

Doris of Doris Goes Shopping writes Hendersonville Homes

Gavin Putland of Gavonomics writes Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan: How property taxes affect economic growth

Harry of The Property Pundit writes Dog Friendly Rentals and the Billions That Await You

Jay Seville of Just New Listings writes What the Hell is a Short Sale in Northern Virginia @##!!

Jeff Brown of Bloodhound Blog writes House Agents- Wanna Start the New Year Kickin’ Ass? Here’s How

Jim Cronin of The Real Estate Tomato writes Looking for Ready to Act Buyers? Blog These Proven to Succeed Real Estate Topics

Jonathan Dalton of Dalton’s AZ Homes writes The Dog Ate My Office

Joshua Marks, Esq. of Bigger Pockets writes A Primer on Escrowed Funds

Kevin Boer of 3 Oceans Real Estate writes Three Reasons Why Dogs Pee on Fire Hydrants And Realtors Advertise in Newspapers

Kris Berg of Bloodhound Blog writes Face Time or Facebook?

Kris Berg of San Diego Home Blog writes Paper Trained

Lysa Catlin of SanDiegOH writes Big Ben Cries Out but is it all Bad News?

mauch of REIBrain writes Capital Gains Tax Rates- State by State

Millionaire Mommy of Millionaire Mommy Next Door writes Rent Vs Buy: The Hidden Cost of Lost Opportunity

Morgan Brown of Blown Mortgage writes Dead Man Walking- Wholesale Lending is Marching Towards Extinction

Morgan Brown of Blown Mortgage writes Qualifying for FHASecure and Refinancing in a Changed Mortgage World

Oliver Muoto of vFlyer writes Top Women Bloggers in Real Estate Speak Out!

Nicole Nicolay of Help My Agent writes Calling All Realtors: “Bob’s Your Uncle!”

Patrick Kapowich of Silicon Valley Broker writes Dual Agency ~ Twice the Compensation, Three times the Work, Four times the Responsibility & Five times the Liability

Rick F. of Pine Needle Lawn writes A Cabin, A Family and A Choice

Robert Ashby of Florida Mortgage Report writes Money Merge Account: How Do They Work? (Beyond the Software) Part 3

Robert Ashby of Florida Mortgage Report writes Countrywide’s Mozilo’s Escapes on His Golden Dinghy While the Company Ship Continues to Sink While Screaming “Protect Our House”

Roberta Murphy of Luxury Home Digest writes Lenders: Pre-Negotiate Your Short Sales

Shailesh Ghimire of AZ Mortgage Guru writes Best Time for Canadians to Purchase Real Estate in the US

Silicon Valley Blogger of The Digerati Life writes Looking For A Place To Live? 7 Ways RottenNeighbor.com Can Help… Maybe

Steve Leung of Silicon Valley Real Estate writes Why Your Home Will Sell Faster, For More Than the One Next Door

Toby Boyce of Sadie’s Take on Delaware Ohio writes Q&A: Is Today A Great Time to Buy?

Pat Kapowich,
“Negotiating Smooth Transactions Throughout The South
Bay” SiliconValleyBroker.com



  1. Thanks for posting the full list. I have bookmarked and will read in the days ahead….

  2. Thanks Pat…I’ve got a lot of reading to do!