Some Client Testimonials ~ 1980’s to Present

“I was so impressed with the results that were achieved in the sale of our house.  I am fortunate and thankful that you were involved. Your expertise and sensitivity with the unusual situation created a hopeful spark. It was a blessing with God given talents at work. It would be my privilege to recommend your business to others who have real estate needs and would appreciate resourcefulness and conscientious attention”  Joan

“Your experience and contacts increased the value of the home and made the whole process successful” Linda J.


I met Pat 15 years ago when he helped me find and buy my first home. Pat was so helpful, putting me in touch with the Santa Clara First time home buyers program that made it possible. 2 years later I needed to sell my mother’s home as part of a conservatorship process. Pat stepped up to the task, educating himself on how to handle this type of sale and really impressed my Attorney. At the same time he educated me on what needed to be done to the home to ready it for sale.

It has now been another 13 years and I am getting ready for retirement out of the area. I called on Pat again to help me sell my home and he did a great job and got me a really good price.

I really appreciate Pat’s expertise, reliability, and integrity. He goes out of his way to make sure things are done right, and is always available to answer questions or concerns. I am now able to go forward confident that all my transactions were handled with expert care and are final.  Wanda E.


“You held our hands and what’s more, you let us feel like we could handle the decisions that kept coming our way” Ty & Laura M.


When it came time to sell my most expensive possession, my Bay Area home, I wanted a realtor who has known the market for a long time and is at the top of his game. I knew some realtors, but I wanted better. Upon meeting Pat Kapowich at one of his real estate seminars, I saw his passion for the real estate business and knew that I had found my realtor.

Pat handled the selling of my home through the entire process, from initial market analysis to repairs, showings, offer negotiations, closing, and post-closing details. I felt that Pat was always in my corner representing my interests. Although my home was in decent shape, he realized that I wanted to sell it for top dollar and helped me with getting the necessary repair people in. He even provided very nice staging of the property, at no cost to me. Unlike the seller’s market nowadays where properties invariably sell for way above asking price, I was in a buyer’s market. However, with Patrick’s open house and stand-out property listing, my home had multiple offers and sold for above asking price within a week. And his experience and advice during offer negotiation were invaluable.

When I need to sell or buy a home in the future, I would not hesitate to hire Pat Kapowich.  Jim D.


“Once we determined the complex I was interested in. Pat used his salesmanship and negotiating skills to get me the exact home I wanted at a price substantially below the asking price” Neil S.


“I especially appreciated how Pat kept in touch with me during the course of the escrow and his being present at the closing with me. And…he does not forget his customers after they sign on the dotted line. He is certainly good at what he does and I am happy to recommend him” Mary W.


“Pat was always there day or night to help us with any questions we had. Pat really knows his business. We highly recommend him” Richard & Louse A.


Pat and his son Ryan were the best Realtors I have ever dealt with.  They did both the sale of our old house (in 4 days in a Down Market with a lot of elbow grease from my wife and myself to prep based on their team’s staging recommendations) and the purchase of our new “used” home shortly thereafter.  A few of the best features of Pat’s service is the expertise in contracts and hard work he puts into all the little details that can cause issues.  He was able to do a Contingency Sale (a purchase based on the sale and close of our home) for us which is not common these days as well as manage through some issues we had with the house we had purchased which would have been a major headache trying to juggle them along with work.  Mike K


“My wife is a Real Estate Broker and has been in the real estate business for 12 years. We were planning on representing ourselves in the purchase of our new home, because we felt that we had not met a Realtor who could provide us with significantly more service than we could provide for ourselves. We had been looking for a luxury home along the San Francisco Peninsula for about three years and have come in contact with countless Real Estate Agents. But when we met Patrick and Discussed our real estate needs and desires with him, we knew that he had exceptional qualities as a Realtor” Zel S.


“Your Real Estate forums taught us a lot and gave us further confidence in your distinction from other brokers we know and have interviewed in the past, even the ones with whom I graduated from Stanford. Your experience with and knowledge of the law and Standards of Practice, your skill in due diligence and your hand-picked Dream Team of professionals simply cannot be outshone. Most interestingly, based on our personal observations, these strengths gave others in our transactions no choice but to defer to your leadership. The negotiation leverage and protection this afforded us was priceless” Matt K


“I had 3 days to find a place to live 2 months before the move. I use a wheelchair, so my needs for an accessible home are a little out of the ordinary. Mr. Kapowich took on the challenge of finding my home. He spent enough time with me learning exactly what my needs are as well as my preferences. We reviewed price range, layout and details down to door jam width and kitchen dimensions. In 24 hours he had a short list of available condominiums and I purchased one from that list” Pat C.


“With the increase in market prices and my questionable credit history, I felt that I could not afford/qualify for Silicon Valley real estate…. Within a couple weeks, I was pre-qualified and Pat was showing me properties” Richard L.


“He knows what he is talking abut and instills confidence” Ralene W.


“Due to Pat’s skill and hard work, we ourselves did not have to perform much of the follow-up work, phone calling, etc., which in the hands of another agent might indeed have fallen to us. Even after escrow closed, Pat continued to work hard in following up by phone and in person, both with us and with the title company, and particularly with the termite company responsible for major repair work” John A. & Gina S.


“You stepped me through what I thought was an impossible process at this time in my life and you did it with clarity, patience and professionalism” Mildred R.


He’s Patient in educating both seller and buyer” Marvin T.


“I really feel like I have made a lasting friend. In my line of business, I have worked with several real estate agents who do not measure up to the caliber of Pat Kapowich. Pat is an impressive agent. I would not hesitate to refer friends, family and business associates to Pat Kapowich for assistance and advice with reference to the purchase of real estate” Sheral K.


“I found him to be honest and diligent. It was refreshing to work with someone with no nonsense involved. More importantly, he is knowledgeable in the field of Real Estate” Aaron G.


“He did not waste our time by showing us every house on the market. He always made a thorough pick of the listings and gave us locations to drive by, therefore narrowing the pick to a few houses for us to actually see” Kazuho & Marian K.


“We strongly feel that it was your expertise in the Real Estate market, Real Estate law and experience that enabled us to move into the home of our dreams” Satyen & Bindu S.


“His reliability, persistence and expertise enabled us to acquire property in the Silicon Valley which was previously only a dream” Peter & Ruth L.


“Without question, we found your service, knowledge of the market, contract negotiation and promptness to be head-and-shoulders above the rest” Peter M.


“When my wife and I had pregnancy problems in the middle of escrow he bent over backwards to accommodate our unique needs. He brought the title company representative to our home and worked with my grandmother to help us move at a very stressful time” Devin & Felicidad M.


“He’s knowledgeable about real estate and stays cool” Gary Z.


“Later as I saw Pat’s credential and expertise in evidence as he was quoted in newspaper articles and interviewed on television real estate programs, I realized how lucky we were in having him as our realtor. Few business people have the drive, motivation, business and personal skills that Pat displays daily” David K.


“I talked with and interviewed several agents before deciding that Pat Kapowich was the most qualified professional whom I felt would do the best job for me as both a buyer and a seller” Jeannette L.


“He explained things very well to me and he’s extremely detail-oriented” George H.


“When a suitable house was found, he presented our offer and guided us patiently through a blizzard of paperwork, explained the meaning and purpose of each document and kept us informed at each stage of negotiation. Patiently and persistently he dealt with each problem that arose until the keys of the door were in our hands. Without having his support, we would probably have become confused and discouraged” Margery H.


“We are still amazed that we found the perfect house, since we could never agree on any of the dozens we looked at earlier on our own” John & Lisa V.


“As first time buyers, we felt very fortunate to get to know you and work with you. You walked through every step of the process with us, guided us and educated us but you never pushed us one way or the other. You made us feel like we were a priority when we know for certain you are a very busy man” Senzi L.


“He knew this was a learning process and he took the time to help me learn” Richard H.


“At our first meeting to write up a purchase offer, Pat spent over three hours late into the night to make sure that the contract we were to enter into was made perfectly clear to us” Cindy S.


“He diligently worked beyond the normal call of duty, ensuring I found a home that I would be happy with and that was within my price range” Bonnie E.


“Pat used a lot of his valuable time to help me coordinate the purchase and upgrade of my home. He was always on time for meetings and never failed to return my phone calls in a timely manner. Pat even contacted the utility and water companies to prepare for the contractors that would be working on my home” Randall A


“At all times during the process, from preparing our offer until the day the house close, I felt fully informed and knew that everything was under control” Robert N.


“Pat gave me the VIP treatment. He was always there when I needed him. He gave me valuable advice and his extensive knowledge was very impressive to me” Judy Y.

“Because we were doing a long distance transaction, we knew that we needed a true professional to market and sell our property” John & Mary C.